Hi, I’m Monica, that stylish girlfriend in your head that’s here to slay your style! If you didn’t know you had a friend that’s a fashion expert, has styled women for 5 years, taught fashion workshops & been featured in magazines like InStyle, now you know & it’s nice to meet you!

When I’m not gulping down Starbucks or catching up on my reality shows, I’m living, breathing and teaching style to women through my personal style coaching or my Instagram page.

I started off as a fashion blogger, then moved to teaching style at women’s workshops (check out my previous workshops below) and landed in the land I love- personal styling & "style education".

"Umm, Monica, what's style education??" So glad you asked! Style education is a phrase I made up to describe my digital products including E Books, Cheat Sheets, informative videos and online courses that all center around improving your fashion and style. If you need help with your finances you hire a financial planner, or  get resources from Suze Orman or Dave Ramsey right? If you need help with learning how to cook you take a cooking class or buy a cookbook from Rachael Ray right?... it's the same concept when it comes to your personal style. 

I’ve styled women from size 2 to 22 and found a common theme- most women don’t have the time (or patience) to gather all the resources to learn about how to shop for their specific body type, what clothes should be in their closet, what trends they should embrace, what stores they should shop at etc. and that's why I'm here. 

Instead of spending hours and days researching fashion questions through google, women come to me and I assist them through personal styling and online classes that educate and motivate them to upgrade their daily style. .


I’m not a bot or random person behind a computer screen, I am a real stylist, that's written hundreds of blogs, taught many women how to dress and been pumping out style ideas & looks for over 5 years. I care about your likes, dislikes, the trends you hate and the fact that you need to camouflage your problem areas to feel confident in your clothes (because trust me, we all have a few).

I've had style partnerships with DSW, Tanger Outlets and Clothes Mentor; and also have been published in InStyle Magazine, Fashion Bomb Daily and worked with Fashion Week.

So join me on as we embark on this journey together. 


P.S. Ever wondered what stylist like to wear themselves? Here's a little bit more about my style...


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