What Women are Saying

I used to get texts like this all the time from my family and friends...

One day I looked up & realized I was the fashion & style expert for all my family & friends & I loved it! Helping women shop for outfits that make them look & feel amazing is truly my dream job; that’s why I began to share my knowledge outside of my personal circle & offer it to women all across the world.

My personal shopping & styling program has helped women show up to their events (weddings, interviews, high school reunions, funerals -yes you read that right) looking great & feeling confident. Why? Because they had on the perfect outfit that specifically fit their style, body type, occasion & budget. Check out what some of my previous customers are saying.

From bridal showers to birthday parties and everywhere in between, I'm ready to find your perfect outfit, so Let's get started!  Click here to begin.